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Learning help

lost in… supports your mission with a unique combination of help, both for learning and playing the game, developed by a team of international experts from universities, language schools and language institutes.

With the over 3000 lines of dialogue and 14 different characters you can really immerse yourself in the language and the mystery to be solved. Look for clues in over 30 different scenes and learn with the help of the “speaking objects” the language of the land.
Subtitles in German and English showing simultaneous or preview translations of each line of dialogue can be used according to your needs.

closeup subtitlesA special feature is the context-sensitive word-for-word translation, which is a kind of “intelligent” screen dictionary. With its help you can gain translations of each word in the dialogue with a single click, a translation that fits to both the grammatical and semantic context. So-called “false friends” don’t have a chance in lost in... and the tedious search for the correct basic form of a word is spared.

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Of course you can combine subtitles, subtitle previews and word-for word translations as you wish. All functions are optional. You can decide what you need and when you need it. Learning tips give orientation help for playing and learning in lost in....

Practice is the key to success!
Use the numerous interactive vocabulary, grammar and listening comprehension exercises to prepare or consolidate the language material in the game. You can reach the exercises that are grouped together on a learning platform directly from within the game. They are divided into three different levels of difficulty and can be sorted according to chapter, everyday situation or grammatical keyword.
There is also a word-for-word translation function in the learning platform, which along with the translation of each word, provides some basic grammatical information. In addition, there is a short grammar available in the DVD as a PDF document.

Extra tip:
By setting up player profiles, different members of your family, learning group or company can play lost in… on the same computer.

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