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Playful Learning

When playing lost in... you search for clues, try to understand what is being said, interpret signs, and make sense of information, or in short: you try to understand the world around you. Everything you hear, read, see and find can help you solve the mystery. You learn the necessary language knowledge in your detective work in the game, but of course we give you some help on the way.

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Translation help
You should use the various learning and translation aids of lost in... in accordance with your current proficiency level. After only a few minutes of playing the game you will find out what is best for you.
Beginners can initially play with all the available help, and then later or when replaying chapters rely only on the help of the word-for word translations. Players with previous knowledge may be able to play the game from the start only using when need be the word-for word translations and subtitle previews, which translate whole dialogue lines. You can decide yourself how much translation help you want to make use of. But always try at least once to play through chapters without any translation help.

Start with simple exercises and then increase the level of difficulty. In the scenes of lost in... click every now and then on the ‘Language Learning Posters’. Behind each one is always a different language learning exercise that fits to the chapter you are in. If you want to do more than one exercise at a time go from the start menu directly to the learning platform. You can use the exercises to prepare for or to consolidate your learning in each chapter according to your language proficiency and learning needs.

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How do I pronounce that? This is one of the first questions one asks oneself when learning a language. By listening to and reading aloud the dialogues in lost in... you can familiarise yourself with the pronunciation. Make use of the dialogue protocol, which enables you to repeat the lost in... dialogues as often as you wish.

Playing and repeating
Of course you want to solve the mystery as soon as possible and to successfully complete your mission. However, lost in... is also a learning game. Learning involves a step-by-step progression with repetition. Divide up the game and first play only one chapter and do the exercises with 1 star. Repeat the exercises until you can do them without making a mistake. Then do the exercises with 2 stars (perhaps with the help of the grammar). Play the dialogues in the chapter without subtitles and try to understand the meaning only by listening. And then go on to the next chapter. There is so much to discover and unravel in each chapter that you will certainly not be bored.

Extra tip:
A comprehensive version of the tips for playing the game and learning is available on the DVD as a PDF document.

To view a Screen Video (demo) of lost in... click here.


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