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About lost in...

Slip into the role of the young Sophie Best, or her brother Max, and set out on a top secret (language) mission full of surprises and new learning experiences.

The task appears simple at first: Fulfil the last wish of the Lord and adventurer George Richard Best and hand over a secret case with an extremely valuable content to a local contact person. Your journey’s goal: a town somewhere deep in a neighbouring country.

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Unfortunately criminal elements have caught wind of the trip. And as soon as you arrive the treasure falls into unknown hands...
And now you're there and have to get to grips with the situation, alone, in a country whose language you don't speak, and in a town you don't know.
Just as in real life there's only one thing to do: You've got to take up the challenge! Make contact with people, listen and understand, ask and give information, in short: Learn the language!

Gradually your knowledge of the language and of the disappearance of the case increases. You collect clues, ask accomplices, find friendly people who will help you, and confront suspects with evidence.
Every step takes you closer to your goal. The search takes you through many aspects of everyday life: You follow a trail on foot, by bus or by taxi, a trail which takes you to, amongst other places, a hotel, a supermarket and someone's brand new house, and which leads to a surprising conclusion. Almost everything seems lost...


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